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SOS Smartwatch w/ Fall Detection
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$44.95/mo., $127.20 equipment fee
Fits wrists up to 7 inches
Fits wrists up to 8 inches
Purchase additional chargers to place around the home to add convenience and flexibility to your mobile SOS device.
In the event of an emergency, our operators will relay your lockbox passcode to emergency services so they can access your spare keys - avoiding the need to physically knock down doors and entryways and dealing with costly repairs.
Place additional Vial of Life packets in your purse, vacation home, or even your vehicle's glovebox to ensure paramedics have access to your medical information during an emergency.
Protect your SOS Smartwatch with our warranty plan. Includes:

  • One free smartwatch replacement per contractual year.
  • 50% off accessory replacements.

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SOS Smartwatch w/ Fall Detection
$44.95/mo Billed Monthly
$127.20One-Time Accessories
$172.15 Due Today
Free Month Promotion

Bay Alarm Medical offers a free month on select plans with select products. This month will be the twelfth month of service. Customers who opt for an ineligible plan during their first year may void the "free month" account credit. If a customer cancels all Bay Alarm Medical services within their first year, no "unused time" refund will be available for the twelfth month of that subscription year.