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In-Home + GPS Medical Alerts
$79 equipment fee
+$20/mo., $79 equipment fee
+$10/mo., per GPS
Get an extra button for a spouse or as a backup to leave in high fall risk areas
Customize your standard button with our Bella Charms. Not available for Auto Fall or wrist buttons.
Allow for EMS to enter your home without breaking down the front door.
Purchase a secondary Vial of Life to put in your glovebox or other areas of the home.
Purchase additional wireless wall-mounted buttons for added safety in larger homes.
Get an additional automatic fall detection button for a spouse or as a backup.
Protect your medical alert equipment. Our extended warranty plan includes the following:

  • Lifetime button replacement for low battery.
  • One free equipment replacement per contractual year due to unforeseen system damages.

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In-Home + GPS Medical Alerts
$39.95/mo Billed Monthly
$79.00One-Time Accessories
$118.95 Due Today